June is Audiobook Month

Teachers and parents are encouraged to use audio books because they are a great tool for building literacy.

Audio book Facts   “…one of the most important reasons for increasing interest in audio books for young people is the research demonstrating that listening to audio books fosters reading comprehension, fluency, language acquisition, vocabulary development, and improved achievement.”  …Book Links

“Audio books help children become better readers and develop a desire to read for themselves…”…Dr. Frank Serafini

Audio books are great for family listening on the road this summer—nothing ends the “are we there yet blues!” like a great audio book. Audio books keep everyone in the car entertained while also increasing literacy skills…families can even knock out a few of the titles on a kid’s summer reading list on the way to vacation.

Teachers and librarians report that listening to audio books helps children build better vocabularies. As new words are heard in the context of a story they become part of a child’s oral and eventually written vocabularies. Audio books also helps then to read with better expression.