Kids’ Page

Stay safe online.
Books and Reading
Children's stories online to watch, listen and read.
Storyline OnlineStoryline Online
Children's stories online to watch, listen and read.
Kids ReadsKidsReads
Information on books and authors.
Guys ReadGuys Read
Information on books and authors by the First National Ambassador of Young People’s Literature, Jon Scieszka.
Giggle PoetryGiggle Poetry
Funny poems
Children's Storybooks OnlineMagic Keys
Children's stories online to watch, listen and read.
Guinness World RecordsGuinness World Records
Guinness World Records
National Geographic for KidsNational Geographic for Kids
National Geographic magazine for kids
CaptainDave Pilkey, author of Captain Underpants
Games and information on the Captain Underpants books.
SI KidsSports Illustrated for Kids
Sports Illustrated magazine for kids.
NASA Kids ClubNASA Kid's Club
NASA Kid's Club
Time For KidsTime News magazine for kids
Time News magazine for kids
Websites for Kids
Great Web Sites for KidsGreat Websites for Kids
Websites on school subjects recommended by the American Library Association.
Highlights for KidsHighlights
Highlights for Kids. Books, crafts, games
Fun with SpotFun with Spot
Join Spot on his adventures
Activity TVActivityTV
Music, dance, magic, crafts, activities
Fun BrainFun Brain
Games, comics, books, arcade
PBS KidsPBS Kids
Games and videos from PBS shows
Netsmartz KidsNetsmartz Kids
Internet safety information and games for kids.
Games and videos from PBS shows
McGruff the crime dogMcGruff, the crime dog
Safety information and games for kids.
Spin and SpellSpin and Spell
Spelling games

Kids Info Bits
Kids Info Bits: Information on Science, Math, Social Studies, Plants, Animals.
Khan AcademyKhan Academy
Educational videos of basic and advanced topics. Includes basic math videos.
Kids HealthKids Health
Health information for kids, teens, and parents.
MoneyMoney As You Grow
Money, money, money
Websites, books and reading, information, and games for children.