Emily Taber Public Library (Baker County), Bradford and Union County Public Libraries provide free library services to residents of the three counties. Books,  DVDs, and audiobooks are available for loan to children and adults. Computer and internet access, as well as wireless access, are also provided free of charge. Libraries also offer programs for children and periodically offer computer classes.

The three county libraries joined together in 1996 to form the New River Public Library Cooperative. This Cooperative was officially created by local ordinance between the Boards of County Commissioners for Baker, Bradford and Union Counties with the goal to support and enhance library services.

The Cooperative administrative office provides telecommunications and automation services to each county library. The Cooperative administrative office also provides bookmobile services and children’s outreach services to the three counties.

Public libraries support their communities by providing free access to a wealth of information in many formats: print, audio, video or through the internet.

This information helps young children get ready for school, helps school age children with their reports, helps adults find job information, or lets you keep in touch by free email to friends and relatives far away. These are just a few of the ways that the library supports their communities.

Libraries need support from their communities too.  Be an advocate for your library with elected officials,  use your library, become a volunteer, join the friends group, tell your friends about our services and programs.  And  by donating to the library,  you become a library supporter.   Thank you for your support.

Marlene Glennon, Director
New River Public Library Cooperative