Policy for Computer Use, Internet Access and Internet Safety

Policies for Internet Access, Computer Use, Internet Safety 2011


The New River Public Library Cooperative and its member libraries provide computers and internet access, both wired and wireless, to the public equally and without charge for internet access.  This furthers our mission of ‘providing …materials and resources that encourage individual growth.’  Service is provided as funds permit; there may be time limits on use of computers.

New River Public Library Cooperative and its member libraries provide filtered access to the Internet on all computers for the staff and public.  Websense  software or router level filtering is used as the Technology Protection Measure in order to comply with Child Internet Protection Act (47 USC224 (h) and FCC Final Rule 47 CFR Part 54 and FCC Second CIPA Order (FCC 03-188).  Categories that are blocked may include adult material, illegal drugs, gambling, extremists, hate and racism sites, violence and weapons site.  Some sites providing downloads of streaming media are also blocked due to limited bandwidth.  Free downloads of software, etc are blocked as a security measure.

Unfiltered access can be provided to adults as requested by disabling the technology protection measure.   See the library director or his/her designee.  Users can also request reconsideration of a blocked site.

All staff and public users of library computers must comply with Federal , State and/or local laws, Library Code of Conduct, other library rules and policies, and terms of any contracts such as software licenses.   Examples of applicable laws include the Florida Computer Crimes Act (FS815); Florida Statutes governing pornography and obscenity (FS 847)  Electronic Communications Privacy Act (U.S. Code Title 18, Part 1, Chapter 119); the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (U.S. Code Title 18, Part 1, Chapter 47, §1030).   These laws prohibit ‘hacking,’ ‘cracking,’ and similar activities.

Users must not use computing resources to gain unauthorized access to local or remote computers or to impair or damage the operations of computers, networks, or peripherals of New River Public Library Cooperative or its member libraries or networks. Deliberate attempts to circumvent data protection and security measures are not allowed.  Violations of computer resources, rules of use, code of conduct, and/or applicable local, state or federal law may be subject to prosecution by relevant authorities.

Parents or guardians who allow minors to use the library and internet without parental supervision are responsible for their children’s decisions.  Parents and children are strongly encouraged to take part in Internet Safety training provided by the library, or view materials on their own.  The library uses interactive materials and online videos from www.netsmartz.org/Parents

Computer users in the library found violating the above rules will be barred from further computer use for a period of thirty (30) days.  Users may appeal this decision in writing to the library director within 48 hours.  An appeal to the director’s decision may be made to the County Administrator or Board of County Commissioners.

Provision of this service does not constitute any endorsement of resources by New River Public Library Cooperative, its member libraries or governing boards.  The New River Public Library Cooperative , member libraries, or its governing boards shall have no liability for any direct and/or indirect damages relating from the use of computers or information accessed on the Internet from library computers.

Internet users are also reminded that:

  1. Not all sources on the Internet provide accurate, complete or current information.  Users must be good information consumers.
  2. Filtering software or other technology protection measures do not block all materials users might find offensive.
  3. Public library computers are not private or secure.  Users are strongly cautioned against providing personal information.


Sources for internet safety information: http://www.safeflorida.net/ http://www.netsmartz.org/ Sources for Florida Statutes
Source for U.S. Code Information on CIPA (Child Internet Protection Act)


Approved March 10, 2011

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