Children’s Programs

Reading is an essential skill and libraries can help children get better at it. Reading is like learning to play the piano—practice, practice, practice. The more children practice reading, the better they are at it.

Young children need exposure to books and reading even before they start reading on their own. The sounds and rhythms of language, the touch and feel of pages and books helps them to get ready to read. Long before they understand that the letter b makes a certain sound, they can enjoy all the letter sounds put together in a good book.

Programs for children at the library introduce young children to books and reading. Library staff combine enjoyable activities for children in a library program and will help you pick out age appropriate books for your children. Preschool programs are offered in the fall and spring of each year.

School age children
During the summer libraries offer programs for school age children featuring books and reading with a recreational theme designed to keep children reading during the summer.

Children that don’t read during the summer can lose their reading proficiency and must spend school time reviewing when they start the new school year.

Keep them reading!