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Get Caught Listening

June is AudioRszIn the car, on the treadmill, at the bus stop, or under a tree: The Association of American Publishers (AAP) wants to catch you listening.

June is National Get Caught Listening Month, when audio books —”books for the ears” — are stacked up in the national spotlight and bibliophiles across America share their love of the medium.

For parents on the go or professionals seeking to slow down and soothe stress, an audio book is a portable pastime that suits any schedule.

Sharing the literary world with your children — from Frog and Toad to Anne of Green Gables — can help deepen your bond, open the pathways of communication, and spark a lifelong love of books in new readers.

Accordingly, listening to the lilt and lyricism of the spoken word can help boost your child’s reading scores: The AAP cites a study by The Milken Foundation which underlines how educational programs that “included the use of audiobooks improved children’s reading proficiency more than programs that did not use them.”

Children’s Book Guide Elizabeth Kennedy also applauds the medium, pointing out that audio books benefit children in myriad ways, from helping to build vocabulary to honing comprehension and listening skills.



June is Audiobook Month

Teachers and parents are encouraged to use audio books because they are a great tool for building literacy.

Audio book Facts   “…one of the most important reasons for increasing interest in audio books for young people is the research demonstrating that listening to audio books fosters reading comprehension, fluency, language acquisition, vocabulary development, and improved achievement.”  …Book Links

“Audio books help children become better readers and develop a desire to read for themselves…”…Dr. Frank Serafini

Audio books are great for family listening on the road this summer—nothing ends the “are we there yet blues!” like a great audio book. Audio books keep everyone in the car entertained while also increasing literacy skills…families can even knock out a few of the titles on a kid’s summer reading list on the way to vacation.

Teachers and librarians report that listening to audio books helps children build better vocabularies. As new words are heard in the context of a story they become part of a child’s oral and eventually written vocabularies. Audio books also helps then to read with better expression.



For Reading Out Loud

>The new audio books for children that the libraries were able to purchase (with a grant from the State Legislature and local Rotary clubs) are available at your library. More have been ordered and will be on the shelf soon.

The audio books are a way for children to listen to a story read aloud. Of course, the best way is to read in person to your children. By reading aloud with your children and encouraging them to read on their own, you are helping them become better readers and listeners, and better students.

It’s never to early or too late to start reading aloud.


For Reading Out Loud

Reading aloud to children is one of the best ways to help them discover the joy of reading. It’s never too early or too late to start.

The grant and donations that the Cooperative received on behalf of the libraries is for purchase of audio books for children.

It’s not exactly the same as reading aloud in person but there are enough similarities to make this form of reading aloud beneficial to children.

Check out the new audio books we’ve purchased.


For Reading Out Loud


“The single most important activity for building knowledge for their eventual success in reading is reading aloud to children.” from Becoming a Nation of Readers, a 1985 report by the Commission on Reading.

This is still true 23 years later. The best way for reading aloud to children is a parent reading to a child.

The Cooperative has received, on behalf of the libraries a grant funded by the Florida State Legislature for 2008. For Reading Out Loud will purchase audio materials for children in the three counties.

This grant program, Community Libraries in Caring,(CLIC), will allow the libraries to purchase additional audio materials for children. If you haven’t already seen a display in the libraries of these new audio materials, you will soon.

While audiobooks are not the exact same thing as reading aloud in person, there are enough similarities to make this an adjunct to in-person reading aloud.

And we’ve partnered with the Rotary Clubs in each county. Each Rotary club donated additional money to supplement the grant award for each county. March was Literacy Month in Rotary and literacy is a special project of Rotary clubs worldwide.

A big thank you to local Rotary clubs and the Florida State Legislature.