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A Modest Change

A small change in how teachers and parents read aloud to preschoolers may provide a big boost to their reading skills later on, a new study found.

That small change involves making specific references to print in books while reading to children—such as pointing out letters and words on the pages, showing capital letters, and showing how you read from left to right and top to bottom on the page.

Preschool children whose teachers used print references during storybook reading showed more advanced reading skills one and even two years later when compared to children whose teachers did not use such references. This is the first study to show causal links between referencing print and later literacy achievement.

“Using print references during reading was just a slight tweak to what teachers were already doing in the classroom, but it led to a sizeable improvement in reading for kids,” said Shayne Piasta, co-author of the study and assistant professor of teaching and learning at Ohio State University.

“This would be a very manageable change for most preschool teachers,  (and parents) who already are doing storybook reading in class.”




Author visit–Audrey Couloumbis

Author visit–junior fiction author Audrey Couloumbis

Her characters are memorable, her stories are interesting, and her ability to entertain is undeniable.  She is Audrey Couloumbis. Her latest book, “Jake”, can be found in the junior fiction section of the Bradford County Public Library. It’s a highly recommended book about a boy whose life is changed due to an unexpected event. The boy takes the reader with him as he overcomes emotional obstacles and deals with expanding family boundaries.

On Tuesday, April 10, Couloumbis will be at the Bradford County Public Library to discuss the book with an audience of third- through seventh-graders. Parents and teachers are welcome. The event begins at 3:30pm, but everyone is invited to arrive up to 15 minutes early to enjoy delicious after-school snacks.

Audry Coulumbis