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Batter Up!

>Are you a baseball fan? Major league professional baseball is relatively new to Florida, though spring training has been a favorite Florida pastime for many years.

The Florida Memory project has a unique collection of photos of early and local Florida baseball teams on its website: Batter up! A Visual History of Baseball in Florida. There is even a photo of the ‘Raiford Prison Team, 1939.’ There are many photos on other subjects, too.

Of course, your library has books on baseball for children and adults. Check the 796.357 nonfiction section, or ask a library staff member for assistance.


Alligators in the Backyard

>A new online photographic exhibit titled Alligators in the Backyard was added to the Florida Memory Project Web site.

‘Gators’ are a Florida icon; from team mascot to tourist attraction we are fascinated by the animal with which we share our state.

This online photo exhibit shows pictures of alligators as they are hunted, in nature, and as we see them as tourists and in popular culture.

A few of the photos show Ross Allen and alligators at Silver Springs. There is even a photo of an alligator climbing a stairway. There are many more photos on various alligator topics.

The Florida Memory Project documents events in Florida’s history using photographs and original documents. It is part of the State Library and Archives of Florida.