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Braille and Talking Books

>Braille and Talking Book Library Services provides reading materials for those having trouble reading print.

From their webpage: “If you or someone you know has trouble reading print because of an eye problem or reading disability, or has difficulty holding a book because of arthritis, a stroke, or an accident, the Braille and Talking Book Library can help keep you in touch with books.”

Check out their website for further information and applications. The libraries also have applications.


Large print

>Whether you admit it or not, some of us need large print materials to enjoyably read a book.

According to Lighthouse International (a nonprofit which works to preserve vision and help people overcome challenges of vision loss) by the year 2010, twenty million people aged 45 and older will report some form of vision impairment.

Each library has a nice collection of large print books for adults. All genres of fiction are included and there is also non fiction.

The Cooperative received a grant on behalf of the libraries from the FL State Legislature for purchase of large print materials. You’ll start to see more large print books in each library.


March is Save Your Vision Month

>The American Optometric Association sponsors Save Your Vision Month in March of each year.

They have a posted an excellent info sheet on Healthy Vision at the Computer, filled with things to be aware of as you work on your computer.

Another help for your vision are large print books. All libraries and bookmobiles have a selection of large print books for those who need this type of print. And even if you don’t absolutely need large print, sometimes it is just nice to read in that format.

In the near future we will be purchasing additional large print materials thanks to a grant appropriated by the Florida State Legislature.