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Holiday in Skyrim

Gaming Showcase:   Holiday in Skyrim, Monday, December 19, 3pm at Bradford Co. Public Library

Everybody is on vacation…Let’s play video games.

Get your hands on the Elder Scrolls v. Skyrim during this Decembers gaming showcase.  The plan is to setup SKYRIM (a game of the year contender) on a huge screen and pass the controller around and see what happens.  Why will this work?  SKYRIM is a giant open-world game with random events–including dragon attacks.

Holiday in Skyrim


Curse against book stealers

For him that stealeth a Book from this Library, let it change into a serpent in his hand and rend him. Let him be struck with Palsy, and all his Limbs blasted. Let him languish in Pain crying aloud for Mercy and let there be no sur-cease to his Agony till he sink in Dissolution. Let Bookworms gnaw his Entrails in token of the Worm that dieth not, and when at last he goeth to his final Punishment, let the flames of Hell consume him for ever and aye.”
- Monastery of San Pedro, Barcelona


September is Library Card Sign-up Month

What’s the most important card in your wallet?

Your library card, of course.

September is Library Card Sign-up Month.  Get a library card, use it to check out books and DVDs.  Use it to use our computers.

To celebrate libraries during this month, we have a special program planned:  a fun event for the entire family–Science Mike.  

He’ll be bringing and demonstrating his collection of science toys.  You’ll see a 3D hologram, dancing robots, and optical illusions.

Saturday, September 17, 10am at Emily Taber Public Library

Tuesday, September 20, 6:30pm at Bradford Co. Public Library

Saturday, September 24, 11am at Union Co. Public Library