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All the books in the library are donated….


Libraries do receive donations from the public (not publishers) that may be added to the library collection. But library users want new books and need up to date information.

Libraries have budgets from local and state funding sources that are used to purchase new, up-to-date, reliable information in books and other materials.

Usually books that are donated by the public are sold and the money is used toward purchasing new books.


Librarians spend most of their time reading….

Not really. We spend very little time reading during the working day. Instead, we are busy selecting new books, getting them ready for you to check out and read, helping people find information, and helping people use computers.

Last year the libraries in the three counties checked out to library users over 256,000 items. Multiply that by all the libraries in Florida and you’ll see how much Floridians use their libraries.


Librarians are all smart and know everything…

Not really.

Actually we really know where to find information. That’s our job, using books, online databases and the internet.

Last year we answered over 17,000 questions in the libraries in the three counties. Multiply that number by all the libraries in Florida and that is a lot of information found.

Library staff are information professionals and can help you find reliable and accurate information. Just ask!


Support your library

Please voice your support of public library funding in Florida.  The Florida legislature is working on the final budget proposal that will fund programs throughout the state. 

State Aid to Libraries, an appropriation that all libraries need to provide services, is currently funded at $17 million.  $21.2 million is needed to qualify the state for Federal funds.

Local, state and federal funds provide library services such as books and other libray materials,  bookmobiles, computer classes, programs, and other services that make up our quality library service.

It’s easy to voice your support and tell your library story:  http://capwiz.com/ala/fl/home/  Enter your zip code and your library support message will be sent to the appropriate state legislator.  Let them know you value libraries!