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It’s official–Floridians love libraries!

Remember Snapshot Day in the library?  You may have consented to have your photo taken and provided some comments on libraries.   All these photos and comments from all over Florida were complied to show a ‘snapshot’ in one day in the life of Florida libraries.   See the final photo stream and comments here:  Snapshot Day


Did you know?

… Over 256,000 items were checked out in
libraries in the three counties last year.

…library staff answered  and found information on more than 17,000 questions.

…almost 51,000 people used library computers.

…over 26,000 children, teens and adults visited the libraries for programs.

(Statistics for Oct. 1,2009 to Sept. 30, 2010.)


The Third Place

Is the library your ‘third place?’
Your third place is where you go to spend time…someplace in addition to your home and your workplace.  For some people this might be Starbucks or other local business.  For some it might be the library.
Ideally, a ‘third place’ should be free or inexpensive, accessible, close by, involve regulars, be welcoming and comfortable; food and drink are not essential but are nice.  You can find old and new friends in your third place.
Libraries have been doing this; libraries can be a community center engaging you with others in a public place.
We’d love to see you in our third place!


Libraries are a good deal!

What you already know, is now shown in a recent study by the State Library and Archives of Florida.
Libraries provide essential services to a community whether helping people of all ages learn something new or improve existing skills.  Libraries can help to attract people and businesses to an area.  Libraries provide a sense of community.
Visits to libraries have increased  in recent years in spite of stagnant funding due to nationwide economic conditions.
The Taxpayer Return on Investment in Florida Public Libraries study, conducted by the Haas Center at the University of West Florida, (and funded by a grant from the federal government) shows that for every tax dollar received, Florida public libraries (in 2008 when the study was done), provided $8.32 in value.   This, of course, is an average throughout the state.
Think about it this way. If you had to buy outright  all of the books and DVDs that you borrow…, if you had to pay outright for the computer classes that you attend…., if there was a charge to attend children’s programs or to use the meeting room…that’s quite a bill.  Your public library provides these things for your use.
Think about this and how libraries benefit businesses.  On your trip to the library you might stop and have lunch, go to a store, buy gas…things you might have done anyway…but the lunch and a store purchase might be extra purchases.  Businesses benefited by your trip to the library.
Buildings are built and maintained, supplies are purchased.  Local businesses can and do provide those services, again local businesses benefit.
Libraries are a good deal!

Did you know….

… that there are more public libraries than McDonald’s in the U.S?

…public libraries are the number one point of online access for people without internet connections at home, school, or work?

…Americans go to school, public and academic libraries more often than they go to the movies?

More library facts here.


Return on Investment in Florida Public Libraries

For every tax dollar received, Florida public libraries provide $8.32 in value.

The statewide return on investment increased from $6.54 in 2004 to $8.32 in 2008. The current study also examines the social value of public libraries and provides a return on investment calculation for each county.


Florida Libraries Support a Strong Economy

  • Jobs Created — A job is created for every $3,491 of public support to Florida libraries.
  • Income or Wages Increase — Income (wages) increases by $22.97 for every dollar of public support to libraries.
  • Gross Regional Product Increases — The value of all goods and services produced in the state of Florida increases by $10.57 for every dollar of public support to libraries.

Libraries Provide Essential Services

  • Public libraries help people learn new things no matter their age.
  • Public libraries improve a community by helping people learn new skills so they can get better jobs.
  • Public libraries attract good businesses to the area.

Find out what your library is worth to you.

More information here.