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September is Library Card Sign-Up Month

September is Library Card Sign-Up MonthSeptember marks the 25th anniversary of Library Card Sign-up Month—a time when the American Library Association and libraries across the country remind parents and caregivers that a library card is the most important school supply of all and it’s free.

Since 1987, Library Card Sign-up Month has been held each September to mark the beginning of the school year. It is a time when the ALA and libraries across the country join together to remind parents and children that signing up for a library card is the first step in starting the school year off right.

“The library card is the smartest card in my wallet. Sign up for yours today.” Honorary Chair of Library Card Sign-up Month Troy Polamalu, Pittsburgh Steelers, safety, spokesperson for the 2012 American Library Association’s public service ads.



September is Library Card Sign-up Month…

…or what’s the most important card in your wallet?

Your library card opens doors…to books, online databases with reliable information, computers and contact with others…so many things.

September is the traditional start of a new school year. Parents and children are encouraged to sign-up for a library card. If you already have one, make sure it is up to date. Your library card is an important school supply.

Parents (or legal guardians) need to register for children. All you need is proof of current address.


What’s in your wallet?

…a library card.

In these tough economic times, your public library card offers you free access to thousands of books, DVDs, audios, magazines and newspapers. You can viist your library for programs for children, computer classes for adults, reading, using the computers, and finding information.

Library staff are eager to help you find information or a good book. Your library card allows you access to books and information, free of charge to the user.

Public libraries are supported by taxpayers. Appropriations by County Commissions and the Florida State Legislature provide an operating budget for libraries. Library staff work hard to use public funds wisely and provide information for all to use.


September is library card sign up month


September is Library Card Sign-up Month, and we want to make sure that your child has smartest card of all – a library card.
Studies show that children who are read to in the home and who use the library perform better in school and are more likely to continue to use the library as a source of lifetime learning.
A library card has always been the most important school supply of all. Kids can come to the library to get homework help and check out books, but they can also check out DVDs and use the Internet .
A recent study by the American Library Association also showed that families use libraries to spend time together. Forty-four percent of survey respondents report taking their children to the library for this reason.