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Card catalogs

Do you remember the card catalog in your school library? Many drawers full of 3 x 5 cards, alphabetized, provided a way to find a book.

Each book had a card alphabetized by the author’s name and by the title of the book. Some books had cards alphabetized by the subject of the book too. Libraries and workers spent a great deal of time keeping this up to date.

Most libraries now have online catalogs…all that manual typing and filing have gone electronic and, to say the least, alphabetizing is much easier. We still spend time,of course, making sure the information is up-to-date and accurate.

I ran across this interesting webpage from Harvard University on the history of catalog cards. Libraries used to keep lists of books received in a ledger type book.

Catalog cards started out on the back of playing cards during the French Revolution. Harvard Library moved to slips of paper in the 1800s. Early in the 1900s, catalog cards came about. Late in the twentieth century many libraries moved to an online catalog and the rest, as they say, is history.

Now, not only the way to find library books is online, but other information is available online through your library too. A way to fix your car through ChiltonOnline or accurate medical information through Infotrac is available to our library users.


Online catalog

>We’ve been working on installing a spell check function in our online catalog. We had problems but it looks like it is fixed and working correctly.

This spell check will give you a suggestion for a misspelling or a typo. One word that my fingers get mixed up on is Florida. I want to type it Floirda.

Now if I do type incorrectly in the online catalog, spell check will ask: Do you mean Florida? When I click on that, the program will bring up a list of items on Florida, spelled correctly. No more…not found, perhaps this list will help. and a dead end.

Give it a try.


Online catalog

>We’re installing a spell check function for the online catalog. We’re having a bit of a problem…you won’t see any details about the items from the hit list.

The vendor and our IT contractor are working on resolving the problem.

If you have questions about an item or need help in locating it, ask library staff.


Online catalog

>The library online catalog now has the enriched content to enhance the library catalog. You will see book cover images and book summaries and reviews for many library items. This enriched content should help you in selecting and finding library items that you need.

Take a look…we’re excited about it.


New Look for the Online Catalog

>We’ve changed our look….the online catalog has recently been upgraded for a new look and more information about library materials.

At this point we are almost done…still a few things to tweak. Soon you should be seeing book cover pictures, summaries and more information about each item.

Searching online for a book is very much the same. And you can still place a request for a book online or renew books online in the My Account area.

Thanks to the Florida State Legislature for a CLIC (Community Libraries in Caring) grant that paid for this upgrade to a more sophisticated library online catalog which we feel will improve your library experience.


Earth Day

>I missed the actual day…April 22 was Earth Day…but you can observe this day everyday.

Books about the earth, ecology and the environment are in various places in the non- fiction section of the library depending on the emphasis of the book. Do a subject search in the online catalog for earth, ecology or environment to find books on this topic.

Another place to look is in the gardening section..635.9.

Nationwide Arbor Day is Friday, April 25. In Florida we observed Arbor Day, a day to plant a tree, in January.

As always, library staff will be happy to assist you.


Books, books, books

>In spite of all the talk about internet acess, online content, programs, computers and whatever else the library offers…we are all about books. Books for every age group from babies to seniors. Good stories, information, guidance, inspiration….we have a book (or more) for you.

Each library purchases books and materials to compliment our goals: to be a library that provides current titles, information and books to help all age groups learn.

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