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Online databases

  What do we mean by a database?

It’s a fancy word for a collection of information accessed by a computer.

  Why should we use a database?

The Internet offers a great deal of free information but there is no guarantee that it is accurate or reliable.

Databases are collections of information reviewed by experts and updated constantly so that is accurate and trustworthy.

Your library subscribes to several databases, chosen to provide additional information in popular and well used areas of the book collection.

Take a look at the subscriptions that are free for your use with your library card. The variety ranges from genealogy, health, car repair, careers and magazines and newspapers.



Career Transitions

Do you need help writing a resume? Could you use some practice on interviewing before you go for an interview?

Take a look at a new online resource to help you:  Career Transitions, a new resource to help you with resume writing, cover letters, and interviewing.

Also included are sections on assessing your career interests,  information about various careers, and how to match your current experience to new careers.  You can search schools and programs that offer training.

This resource is a new addition to the FL Electronic Library.  Choose ‘Career Transitions’  from find information online.