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Ancestry Library Edition online genealogy  Do you remember the book Roots?

Genealogy research became more popular with the publication of this book by Alex Haley in 1976. Do you remember the TV miniseries in 1977 based on the book…it was very popular and genealogy research became a new quest for many Americans. (The libraries have both the book and the video of Roots.)

Take a look at Ancestry Library Edition  in the Find Information Online section.  There is no remote access from home (the company does not sell remote access) so you must use library computers to search the database.

You will find information from the 1930 U.S. Federal census, ship and passenger immigration records, and even United Kingdom census information. There is more information and the database is updated daily. The searching is easy and you can print information, email it to yourself or others, or save your information to a disk.

The libraries have many books on genealogy, some you can check out, some to use only in the library. Look in the 929 section or ask a staff member for help.



>This month take a look at HeritageQuest and AncestryLibraryEdition. Both will assist you in developing and adding to the genealogy of your family. On line images of census records are available as well as immigration and passenger lists, family histories, military records and newspapers and periodicals. Both are a rich source for genealogy information.

HeritageQuest is available from library computers and from your home computer. You will need your library card barcode information to log in from home.

AncestryLibraryEdition is only available from library computers. Remote access is not sold to libraries.

These online databases supplement our print collection in areas of special interest. These databases are updated frequently and contain reliable information…something to look for in these days of thousands of hits in Google searches.

If you’d like books to go with the online databases check the nonfiction 929 section.


Learning Express

Are you looking for a job? In this economy many people are.

If it’s been awhile since you applied for a job, or interviewed for one, take a look at Learning Express. It’s linked from our webpage. You can use this service in the library or from home. (It is one of several subscription online services that the libraries subscribe to for your benefit.) You set up an account, using your library barcode number, and your own PIN. You can log in and save your work and return to it later.

There are many practice tests on many subjects for both children and adults. One section of particular interest to job seekers is Job Search and Workplace Skills. Included is information on improving writing and communications skills, resume and interviewing tips. Good information whether you are new or already in the workforce.


Popular magazines

>Florida residents have a great deal of information available to them online. This is reliable, accurate information in the form of online databases from reputable vendors. Look at our web page to see what is available with your library card.

Another area for current information is popular magazines. Check the link on the main web page that says Popular Magazines. This will take you to a database of some popular magazines that contain full text articles.

Some print versions of the magazines may be available in the libraries. But no one or no library can afford or has room for everything. So we rely on sharing and online resources.

The popular magazine online resources are made available for Florida residents by the State Library of Florida.


Card catalogs

Do you remember the card catalog in your school library? Many drawers full of 3 x 5 cards, alphabetized, provided a way to find a book.

Each book had a card alphabetized by the author’s name and by the title of the book. Some books had cards alphabetized by the subject of the book too. Libraries and workers spent a great deal of time keeping this up to date.

Most libraries now have online catalogs…all that manual typing and filing have gone electronic and, to say the least, alphabetizing is much easier. We still spend time,of course, making sure the information is up-to-date and accurate.

I ran across this interesting webpage from Harvard University on the history of catalog cards. Libraries used to keep lists of books received in a ledger type book.

Catalog cards started out on the back of playing cards during the French Revolution. Harvard Library moved to slips of paper in the 1800s. Early in the 1900s, catalog cards came about. Late in the twentieth century many libraries moved to an online catalog and the rest, as they say, is history.

Now, not only the way to find library books is online, but other information is available online through your library too. A way to fix your car through ChiltonOnline or accurate medical information through Infotrac is available to our library users.


A few reminders…

>As the school year starts, a few reminders about the online information that your library provides that are helpful to child and adult learners.

Infotrac includes millions of articles from newspapers, magazines, and journals on almost any topic you can think of. It is updated daily. Most articles are full text. It’s easy to search and you can read online, print or email the article.

Learning Express is a “comprehensive, interactive online collection of practice tests and tutorial course series designed to help patrons—students and adult learners—succeed on the academic or licensing tests they must pass. You’ll get immediate scoring, complete answer explanations, and an individualized analysis of your results.”

In the library just click on the link to go to these resources. From home you will need your library card barcode number.


Power Search

>The libraries subscribe to many online databases…information from magazines, newspapers, general reference books,and health information (just to name a few) that are available to you through the library. By subscribing to this online information (this is a statewide subscription provided to Florida libraries by the State Library of Florida) you have access to many more magazines and newspapers that we could possible have in the library.

There is a new search box on the library webpage…PowerSearchIt. By putting in your search term in the PowerSearch box, you will automatically be linked to the online information and a list of results. Click on the result title that you are interested in and you can see your magazine article. You can read it online or print it out.

Magazines and newspapers provide the most current information; information in print long before a book comes out. This online information is updated each night.

If you are searching from home, put in your public library card number.