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Reading aloud to your children


Reading aloud to children is one of the best ways to help children to discover the joy of reading.
It is never to early–or too late–to start.  All children, from youngest to oldest, can benefit from listening to a story read aloud.
Reading aloud encourages children to read of their own, and to become better listeners and students.  It helps to build vocabulary and language skills.
When you read aloud together, children learn that reading is important, and they learn that reading is fun.



>   Just in time for Children’s Book Week, we are trying out a new subscription to online books for children.  Take a look at TumbleBooks and TumbleReadables.    The link is also available through our webpage.

These are full text books online, for all age groups.  Books for the youngest children have some animation with them.  Books for older children are text only.

You can access these books from your home computer or from a library computer.



Read Kiddo Read

>James Patterson has long been known for his books for adults.  He’s a prolific and popular author.

Now, James Patterson has a website ‘dedicated to making kids readers for life.”  What started out as a project to encourage his child to read, is expanded now as a source for reading information for parents, teachers and librarians.

ReadKiddoRead provides information on good books grouped by ages. Books are suggested, a synopsis given, and other books with similar themes are listed.  Also included are reading guides, tips to encourage reading, and a section aimed at getting boys to read.