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Summer Programs for Children


Libraries statewide are gearing up for summer programs.  Locally we have an exciting summer planned.  Storytellers, magicians, and clowns will join library staff for programs, books, crafts, reading and fun.  Rumors of ice cream abound.
It is known that in order for students to maintain their reading proficiency, they need to keep reading during the summer months when school is not in session.

Reading is like learning to plan the piano:  you get better with practice.  And you need to practice every day.
Check your library for a copy of the summer schedule.  Program schedules are also posted on the library webpage and in the library events section.


Summer programs for children

>Summer programs for children are coming to an end. There is still time to attend one or two. Check our schedule here for a list of programs remaining.

Emily Taber Library in Baker County has had to cancel their summer programs due to construction.

Summer library programs aim to keep children reading during the summer months so that children don’t lose their reading proficiency.


Thanks to Target

Many of our children’s programs are sponsored by Target this summer.

The Cooperative received a grant on behalf of the libraries for sponsoring performers for summer programs. You’ll see their sponsorship on flyers about the programs and on our Library Events page.

Summer programs are designed for school age children. We want to keep children reading during the summer so their reading skills are maintained and they are ready to learn when school starts.


Summer Library Programs

>The libraries are busy getting ready for summer programs. Each has a great schedule of programs of interest to children and teens to keep them reading during the summer. Books, stories, activities and performers are planned. Check the schedule on our webpage or pick up a copy at the library.

Programs start in June and continue through July. Dates and times vary at each library.

Studies show that children who participate in summer library programs increase their vocabulary and reading comprehension scores. We want to keep children reading so they don’t lose their reading proficiency while on summer vacation.

And of course, we want children to enjoy summer library programs and reading.


Summer programs at the library

Libraries locally and across the state are gearing up for summer programs at the library. The goal is to keep children reading during the summer so that they maintain their reading skills while school is not in session.

Reading is like learning to play the piano…children get better with practice.

Library staff will be visiting schools to tell children about programs and distribute schedules. Schedules will also be available at the libraries and online.


Summer Programs Winding Down…

>Summer programs for children are winding down. One library finishes this week and the other two soon after. But there is still time for children to attend a program and of course, still time to read books.

The newest Harry Potter book will be released at 12:01am on July 21. The libraries will have copies on hand on Saturday when we open to check out. The publisher has strict guidelines as to when books can be purchased at a store or checked out at a library. This all helps to build the suspense for the last Harry Potter adventure.


Summer is underway…

>The calendar might not say it is summer yet (June 21 is the first day of summer) but the libraries are busy with summer programs.

Union County Public Library and our multitype cooperative (NEFLIN) sponsored a snow day. Watch their video. (Our filter, Websense, blocks this site[YouTube] from access by library computers. Please watch their short video from home.)

Emily Taber Public Library has hosted programs featuring a storyteller and a puppeteer. Read their blog and see their photos.

And you can find out about programs at Bradford Co. Public Library here.


This is the week!


Libraries in Florida and in our three counties have been preparing for several months…and now is the time summer programs start to appear.
Florida uses a statewide theme for summer programs (this year : Read All About It) and each library develops the local programs as they want. The State Library provides us with program guides and incentives for children. The incentives this year are paper book bags , a popular item year after year, and of course bookmarks.
I’ve mentioned before the importance of keeping children reading during the summer. Most children need a grown-up to take them to the library. They either live too far away to walk or ride their bikes to the library or parents have safety concerns if children are on their own.
Check out the program schedule. (A print copy is also available at each library too.) The libraries have many great programs planned, new books bought, and they are ready to read.

Summer programs for children

>What do children do during the summer vacation? Go to the library, of course!

The libraries have a busy schedule of programs for school age children. Some programs will feature performers such as magicians or storytellers; others might feature animals or include a craft activity. All will include many good stories and books for children.

Take a look at the schedules on the program calendar or on our webpage. Children have received copies of the schedule at schools or you can pick up a schedule at the library.

We are all–parents, teachers and libraries–involved in keeping children reading during the summer.