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Tumblebook story–Lola at the Library

Tumblebooks–online books for children.  Try ‘Lola at the Library.’

A sweet story…. Lola loves Tuesdays because that is the day she and her mother go to the library. Everything about the trip is an exciting adventure — from packing her backpack with books and her all-important library card, to storytimes and singing, to choosing new books and the walk home, when they always stop for a special treat. But the best time of all is when Mommy reads her story at bedtime.




Libraries are known for their books, and we have thousands of them to share for both children and adults.

We’ve added another component to stories for children.  TumbleBooks joins Dial a Story as a supplement to books in print.

TumbleBooks is an online book service.  Children can watch talking picture books, and older children can read the printed word while listening to the audio story.   Log onto TumbleBooks through the library webpage.

Dial a story is a story available on the telephone.  Stories are for young children and are changed weekly.   1-888-4ATALE1  (1-888-428-2531)



>   Just in time for Children’s Book Week, we are trying out a new subscription to online books for children.  Take a look at TumbleBooks and TumbleReadables.    The link is also available through our webpage.

These are full text books online, for all age groups.  Books for the youngest children have some animation with them.  Books for older children are text only.

You can access these books from your home computer or from a library computer.